About us

1974Our Roots

It all began with two brothers and a small fabric shop and in a little town in India.

1986The Business Grows

Twelve years later we moved to the busy city of Delhi and opened our first unit. What started as an idea to supply upholstery to local artisans, retailers and distributors soon expanded across the country.

2006The Baton Moves To New Hands

Twenty years later, the next generation stepped up, took charge of the Indian business. Continuing the family tradition, we set our sights on new markets, only this time, overseas.

2015Our First Distribution House

With over 25,000 sq ft space to hold over half a million meters of high-quality fabric, our very first distribution house was off to a great start.

2019A The World

Close to half a century later, our business with humble roots in a small Indian town, hit a new high. We opened the doors to our first North American distribution house and the new space meant we could do so much more for our customers. Stocked with over 100,000 meters of fabric, everything here is ready for immediate shipping!

Continuing the legacy of personalized customer service, fantastic products and exquisite craftsmanship, we’d like to think we make our family of past, present and future proud. Our customers love what we do and are the reason we’ve had such encouraging success. Today you can find us headquartered in Canada from where we manage all our Western customers’ needs from sourcing to operations and customer service. Our offices in India and China support our Asia-pacific customers with the same committed products and services.

Even today, we stay true to our family’s vision of success. Trustworthy manufacturing, importing and design processes coupled with ambassadors of style who curate beautiful collections – that’s what makes us stand out in an overcrowded marketplace!

We take pride in our work and a big part of that is tying up with partners from around the world for the best materials and most creative designs. The next best pattern, texture or clutter-breaking trend could come from anywhere and we’re poised to pick up on it first. Our in-house team curates several collections that employ some of the latest techniques and effects available to us today.