Fashion and Strength

14th June, 2021

With renovations and make-overs at a peak this season, getting abstract with color and creating spaces that best represent you is a wonderful opportunity to destress. Customizing work at home spaces where fashion meets strength has been the talk of the town. So, 2021 has welcomed some cheerful textures and organic patterns. Florals, brush strokes, graphic prints, tapestries, and solid velvets have been making the rounds this summer and the best part, they are here to stay.

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture can be time-consuming. Some common mistakes we have heard of in this process are

  • Being superficial with your choice and picking up something that is attractive and a faux must-have instead of, being practical with it
  • Compromising on the quality because of the cost. This will be a one-time investment for a while, so best to spend right
  • Not keeping in mind, the existing furniture in that room and/or across your real-estate, to ensure there is a sense of totality and, enough to build a familiar environment

So, let us take a simpler approach to it. The key elements of design and décor can work around multiple factors. What stands out amongst these, however, is color and durability.

Your décor is a long term investment 

Durability is the basis of all purchases concerning fabric and furniture. No matter what the purpose may be, decorative or for an area that experiences high traffic. Improvements in technology has aided the upgrades in this department seamlessly. Back in the day, durable fabric was recognized by stiff material with a waxy touch, not anymore. The modern styles of fabrics have attractive contemporary patterns, colors that ‘POP’, and excellent durability. Offices and restaurants have done a fabulous job with dressing up their upholstery to look fashionable and represent strength.

Also, modern furniture is fitted with springs and foams to improve its lasting. Given that interior materials aren’t easily visible it is essential that equal attention is paid to these layers. Certain inherent traits of heavy-duty textiles today are its resilience, abrasion, and tensile strengths. “As you shop for an upholstery fabric, let your practical needs lead”, advises Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, cofounders of the Mitchell Gold and Bob William, home furnishing manufacturer and retailer. “A big mistake people make is not considering how a fabric or leather may age over time. Check the label and ask questions at the showroom to find out about the material’s content and cleaning needs, then think about how much maintenance you’re prepared to do to protect your selection.” Now that’s something to keep in mind on your next DIY project.


How color influences these decisions

Revisiting the thrill and excitement of better times means playing with color. The best natural cure for any unsettling vibe. Color has been with us since the very beginning. A simple deception caused by the physics between light and mass, has brought about a range of extraordinary visual effects that to us seem as they are. With fabric and furniture color plays an important role because this is an investment that is here to stay, for a season, a few months or years even. You want to choose a color that no matter how bad the external mood, this personal space takes you to a calm and happy place.

Color combinations too have their unique influence. There are many tricks to the trade. Buying furniture that matches with the wall to visually increase the size of the room. Using neutral sofa colors so the other furniture stands out and for smaller spaces buying one big sofa set that is bright and eye-catching, to minimize attention on other aspects of the room/house. Some of the best colors that balance other vibrates well are gray, cream, beige, and taupe. These colors bring a cool and crisp vibe to the room and colorful pillows frost them well.

Working with neutral monochromatic color schemes can be safe. If you are someone who likes rich colors then, the 110 policy is the perfect way ahead. Diana Hathaway Timmons, a color and interior design consultant, suggests, “Like a cheeky upstart in a Broadway play, it’s really okay to give 110 percent when putting together your color scheme. This means that you can choose your 60 percent main color, your 30 percent secondary color, but choose two 10 percent accent colors instead of one. There are times when one accent color is just not enough, so go ahead and get that extra throw pillow or candle holder.”

Simplifying this further, each year the big guns like PPG, Sherwin-Williams, Nippon, Axalta etc., and the others publish their color of the year. Carefully researched and chosen by a team of experts. Best to print out these palettes and choose your perfect fit.  That way choosing fabric becomes a lot simpler.

Ultimately, your space is yours to enhance so, enjoy it and share your best experiences and lessons learnt with us @wovetexmills on Instagram or

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